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What are your skills worth?

Your salary depends on several factors.

Same job but a higher salary?

Salaries for the same job in Canada can vary a big deal. There can be several reason for this.

Ask for a salary raise...

Either way, whether you get it or not, your employer will know...

  • • You value your work and want to continue working there
  • • You believe your work is good and feel you can ask for the raise
  • • You are confident, and believe your skills should demand a higher pay
  • • You believe you are part of a sucessfull organization

High Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada 

Mobile Applications Developer Salary: $93,000 to $132,000, User Experience (UX) Designer Salary: $71,000 to $136,500, Marketing Manager Salary: More than $120,000, Translator Salary: Up to $90,000, Nurse Salary: $72,000 average, Physiotherapist Salary: $71,000 average, Occupational Therapist Salary: $74,000 average, Business Analyst Salary: $75,000 average, Accountant Salary: $59,000 average, Transit Driver Salary: $29,529 to $63,480, Realtor Salary: Can be more than $105,100, Construction Manager Salary: $125,000, Mechanics and Service Technicians Salary: $70,000


The Canada Job Grant

The Canada Job Grant provides monetary funds to employers to pay for training programs offered by many third-party training organization. These included community colleges, or career related colleges, trade union centres and also private trainers. You may be trained in a classroom, in your workplace or even online. With improved skills or newly learnt skills you get a significant leverage.

Jobs for people over 50

Companies are recognizing the value of mature worker, and the trend to hire them started a while ago.

Do not appear overqualified and ensure that your technical skills are up-to-date.

Over 50? Unable to find work?

  • Show your skills in Technology
  • Convey your experience and your potential for loyalty
  • Realize your potential from your experience and maturity